What people in Rwanda love about their country

Listen to 5 Rwandans who will tell you why they think Rwanda is amazing

This is not to say that there are only positive aspects about living in Rwanda. But some things in this small East African country are great. 5 Rwandans explain what they like most about their home country.

View over the houses on the outskirts of Rwanda's capital Kigali. In the background are some of the many Rwandan hills.
View of Rwanda’s capital Kigali @Johanna Wild Tweet this

Gabriel Dusabe:

I can see the spirit of entrepreneurship in different spheres of society

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A building where different small shops are located. Many people are working or walking the streets in front of the building.
Small shops in the area of Kigali’s bus station in Nyabugogo. @Johanna Wild Tweet this

Magnas Karigirwa

Rwandans are hopeful. There is hope there will be a better life tomorrow.

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A fisherman in his boat on lake Kivu during sunset
Rwandan fisherman rowing on Lake Kivu @Johanna Wild Tweet this

Nicole Umuziranenge

I like that spirit of promoting women

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A Rwandan girl wearing a school uniform on an unpaved road. In the background: The buildings of a Christian school
Rwandan girl in front of her school @Johanna Wild Tweet this

Maxime Rindiro

Rwanda came from genocide. Now, everything is changing

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Cars and motorcycle taxis on a main road in Kigali
One of the main roads in Kigali @Johanna Wild Tweet this

James Akena

The sense of organisation and the control of noise level

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Road sign indicating a zebra crossing
Road sign and street lighting in Rwanda’s capital Kigali @Johanna Wild Tweet this




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