Expats in Rwanda: What locals think about them

5 things Rwandans find strange about Westerners in Rwanda

Journalist Chrispin Mizero shares what Rwandans think about the behaviour of Western foreigners in their country:

1. Asking so many questions!

They want you to answer all kinds of questions: on politics, history, touristic sites, culture and so on. That’s something Rwandans would never do.

2. Dressing carelessly

They are known as people who are rich however the majority of them don’t often change their clothes and shoes. And they even seem to wear rather cheap clothes.

3. Eating in the street

All they seem to need is take-away food or coffee to go. Rwandans don’t eat in public and it matters a lot to us to eat in the right place and to have enough time to enjoy our meals.

4. Showing their feelings and affection in public

When they are in love with somebody they exchange deep kisses no matter where they are (bar, stadium, market…) whereas Rwandans are doing it in hidden places.

5. Claiming the right to homosexuality

When they are in Rwanda, they always emphasize that homosexuality has to be seen as a normal thing whereas many Rwandans consider it as an abuse of their culture.

What else?

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